3 Options To Change Your Interior Design With Colorful Tropical Hardwood Flooring

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3 Options To Change Your Interior Design With Colorful Tropical Hardwood Flooring

7 March 2016
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There are many different changes that you can do to the interior design of your home. Some of these may involve something simple like reupholstering furniture or changing the window treatments. You may want to try other renovations to your home, such as painting or redoing the floors. If you want to have unique hardwood floors, there are many things you can do with tropical lumber materials. Here are some of the options you may want to consider for custom hardwood floors with tropical woods:

1. Using Purple Heart And Other Colorful Materials For Inlay Designs

If you want to have an affordable solution for your hardwood flooring, you may want to consider using inlays to add custom designs to your home. This can give you an option to do improvements where you are making changes to the interior design of your home. If you want to add attractive colors, purple heart can be a great material to use for the inlays of different areas of your home. It can be combined with more common hardwood materials, such as oak. The purple heart can be used to create centerpieces for areas like foyers, dining rooms, and living rooms.

2. Interesting Colors And Tones With Tiger Wood And Other Materials

If you want to have more colors and patterns in the natural grain of your wood floors, you may want to consider a material like tiger wood. This is a type of tropical wood that has wide grains with light and dark colors. It can naturally change color with time and only looks better as it ages. You may want to talk with your hardwood flooring installer about the different materials available for tiger wood floors because there are many different tree species that these products are made from, which can give you a choice of different colors and patterns. For a uniform look, make sure all the materials come from the same supplier.

3. An Indoor Surface With Ipe Tiles For High-Traffic Areas

If you want to have a durable indoor surface, you may want to consider using materials like hardwood tiles. This can be with materials made from Ipe and other durable tropical hardwoods. Depending on where you get the materials from, some woods may be more affordable than others. A good substitute for Ipe is Brazilian redwood, which has a similar color and durability. These materials can be a good choice for high-traffic areas like a mudroom or backdoor entrance where children and animals go in and out of your home.

These are some ideas that you may want to consider for adding tropical hardwood floors to your home with a tropical look. If you are ready to add a new look for the flooring in your home, contact a professional hardwood flooring installer and talk with them about some of these ideas for a custom look in the floors of your home.

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