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When I purchased my first home, I knew that I wanted something a little different. Instead of copying my friend's and family members' homes, I decided to invest in interesting, truly unique pieces for my place. I also learned how to do a huge range of DIY projects to make my space truly special. However, I knew that I wanted to share some of these ideas with others, which is why I started this blog. Check out this website to learn all about interesting home decor ideas, so that you can make your home somewhere that other people love to be.


4 Reasons Why You Need Honeycomb Window Blinds

5 August 2021
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If you're looking for a window treatment option that guarantees energy savings, soundproofing, and privacy all year round, honeycomb window blinds are your best bet. These blinds are a hybrid between shades and traditional blinds, and they come with a pocket that enhances their energy-efficient capacity. If you need smart lighting and sound filtering, these blinds provide the peace, privacy, and controlled environment you want inside your home. Regardless of the window styles and orientation, honeycomb blinds offer a versatile fit on tall or slanting windows you've installed. Read More …

Why You Should Consider Remodeling Your Bathroom

26 March 2021
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Gone are the days when little attention was accorded to a bathroom's general layout. Many people are now seeing the need to give their bathrooms a touch of modernity. Considering that an average person spends a few minutes per day in the bathroom, it is only fair that it is given a finish that attracts the air. There are numerous reasons to consider remodeling your bathroom. However, these three reasons always stand out and cut across the board. Read More …