Reigning In The Decor: How To Tastefully Decorate With A Western-Inspired Theme

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Reigning In The Decor: How To Tastefully Decorate With A Western-Inspired Theme

9 March 2016
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Decorating can be downright overwhelming when trying to follow a specific theme. Overdoing it and ending up with a room looking like a movie set or a theme park instead of a comfortable and visually appealing space is a strong possibility. Western decor is one of those style options that encompasses several different elements. From the iconic people — cowboys, frontiers and Native Americans — to the animal mascots — horses and snakes — choosing the right balance of design pieces is key. Without changing your home into a complete saloon or cattle ranch, implement these minimal design elements to bring the aesthetic appeal of the western lifestyle into your home.

1. Pick From the Wagon (Color) Wheel

Neutral tones with pops of turquoise, purples and deep reds utilize staples within the western lifestyle. Various shades of tan are drawn from the landscape, while yellow captures the luminescence of the sun. These colors work well as base shades for a western design scheme. Tribal prints indicative of the natives and the paisley pattern of bandanas popularized by cowboys also bring in elements of the west when decorating. Ideal items for the subtle use of prints include throw blankets, pillows and towels.

2. Go Minimalist as Opposed to Mountainous

Start small by incorporating western elements as accent details. Utilize decorative bookends such as those fashioned in the form of cowboy boots or standing horses. Outfit an otherwise monochromatic or minimalistic room with a country-themed decorative border to enhance the decor. Weathered signs or inspirational quotes and canvas wall hangings of western landscapes incorporate the design without overpowering a space.

3. Find Frontier-like Furniture

Purchase a feature item for the room of your choice and decorate around that piece of furniture. A distressed leather couch works well in rooms used for lounging or entertaining. The worn appearance and feel of genuine leather has the same visual affect of cowboy chaps or horse saddles. Opt for stately wood pieces as bedroom furniture in a western-inspired design scheme. A strong headboard and footboard or a four poster bed frame models the vast openness of the west.

Long rectangular dining room tables made of plank wood pieces and natural stone are oftentimes representative of western decor. Natural wood slab tables that keep the unique shape of the tree trunk it's cut from merge the lines of both traditional and modern western design themes. Benches and dining chairs with tall backs complete a western dining set for optimal seating.  

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