Make A Splash With Your Contemporary Remodel

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Make A Splash With Your Contemporary Remodel

24 February 2017
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Contemporary style is very popular for kitchens because who doesn't want modernity in their food prep area? As an interior design style, contemporary is characterized by sleek lines and some minimalism. However, it's also an adaptable style that you can modify to your tastes. Make over your kitchen with updated modern décor.

Color Scheme

The best way to achieve a cohesive design is with a set color scheme. You can use something like your tiles as inspiration or settle on the palette ahead of time. It's essential you have a neutral base. Better Homes and Gardens suggests you choose a shade of gray as an updated neutral. If you want an airy ambience in your room, opt for light gray cabinets or walls. It's also possible to have warmth added to the color. From there, choose one to two bold accent colors.


The kitchen backsplash is one of the areas where you can get artistic. It also affords you the option to show off your color scheme. You can choose bold-colored tiles with geometric patterning for an ultra-modern backsplash. You're not relegated to tile work, though. It's possible to choose brushed stainless steel for an industrial look that's also very easy to clean. Glass is another backsplash option. You can even have some artwork installed on the wall and cover it with clear glass for a unique backsplash. Another option is going retro modern with reclaimed items, say with reclaimed glass tiles.


Granite is a very common countertop material, and you could utilize it in your updated modern kitchen. However, consider looking into concrete. Concrete countertops are even more durable than granite. Concrete can even resemble granite. However, the adaptable nature of concrete allows you to let your imagination run wild. You can choose a freeform shape for the top of an island. You can also customize a concrete countertop with inserts and even fiber optic lights. You can also incorporate useful elements, such as drainboards and trivets, into your concrete countertop.


Your design personality will come through in how you accent your décor. With a contemporary kitchen, practically anything goes. For instance, you could choose statement lighting in the form of mod pendants or even an architectural track installment. You can promote your color scheme with vases, crockery and glassware in your target colors. You can even paint a wall with chalkboard paint and use it as a family message center. The key is to combine utility with style, meaning include elements that are helpful as well as attractive.

For more information about kitchen remodeling, talk to a contractor.