Tips For Working With An Interior Designer To Give Your Restaurant A New Look

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Tips For Working With An Interior Designer To Give Your Restaurant A New Look

13 March 2018
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If you want to give your restaurant a makeover, consider bringing in a commercial interior designer to get the best results. You want to create a relaxing atmosphere that makes your customers want to return and that stimulates their appetites. The interior design has a big influence on both. Here are some suggestions for giving your restaurant a new look.

Choose Colors Carefully

Colors have a huge impact on commercial interior design. You want a professional's advice when it comes to the best colors for attracting customers and making food more appealing. Once you've chosen the colors, you may want to make them part of your brand so your brand evokes the same psychological response of relaxation, good times, and fine dining. The colors you choose depend on the type of food you serve and if you want a luxurious atmosphere or one that is casual.

Focus On Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference in a restaurant. Dim lighting makes food more alluring and it creates a more dramatic atmosphere. You can include festive lighting in your bar area to create a party mood and more controlled lighting in the dining area for a calmer mood for eating. There are many choices when it comes to lighting. Lights can be chosen for their decorative effect as well as for illumination. Lights help carry the theme of your restaurant too.

Splurge On Linens

Even though you want your restaurant to look elegant, you don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money on dining chairs and tables. You can buy those economically at a restaurant supply store and then splurge on fine linens. Table linens add color and elegance. They take dining up a level by providing a more luxurious experience. While the average person probably couldn't tell the difference between expensive and inexpensive furniture as long as it's sturdy, quality linens can be distinguished by their appearance and feel. Your customers will feel pampered when they dine on a beautiful table, and using linens gives you another way to add to your décor.

Utilize Seating Space

You want as many customers as the space will allow and you also want comfortable seating in the waiting area so guests won't get tired and leave before they're seated. Choosing the number of seats for your restaurant and their position takes a lot of careful planning because you also want plenty of standing room, especially in a bar area. Your designer may place plush seats with decorative covers in the waiting area to treat guests with a burst of color and comfort when they enter your restaurant. Bench seating is worth considering since these generally hold more people and accommodate people of various sizes.

In addition to these basics, your interior designer can help you with adding paintings and other decorations to your building. A designer has the contacts to source products that fit your restaurant theme perfectly. To learn more, contact an interior design firm like Cuffie Creek Design.