Have A Custom Framer Frame These Items After A Memorable Road Trip

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Have A Custom Framer Frame These Items After A Memorable Road Trip

17 December 2019
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There are plenty of ways that you can look back on a memorable road trip weeks, months, and even years after it has concluded. You might occasionally watch video clips that you took during the trip or browse through the photos that you posted to your social media channel at the time, for example. Another option is to frame some photos from the trip and hang them in your home so that you'll see them several times a day. You don't have to solely focus on photos when you're thinking about what you want to frame. You can gather a number of other items related to the trip, take everything to a picture framing professional, and have him or her put together a custom piece. Here are some additional items to get framed.

Road Map

You probably navigated your entire trip with a dash-mounted GPS or the maps app on your smartphone, but few things represent a road trip better than an actual map. Buy a map that depicts the area through which you traveled, and consider customizing the map a little. For example, you might use a marker to carefully draw your route along the highways marked on the map. Another option is to draw a circle around each city that you visited during the trip.

Take-Out Menu

Food is a big part of many road trips, and while you might occasionally stop at dine-in restaurants, a frequent option is to grab take-out food and either eat it in the car or find a picturesque area nearby and have a picnic. If you kept one of the paper menus from your trip, including it in your custom framed piece can be a fun way to remember what you ate. You might even want to circle the items on the menu that you enjoyed. Don't worry about the menu being partially folded or having stains — it'll only add to the creative look of your framed piece.

Hotel/Motel Key Cards

While a lot of hotel and motel guests return their key cards upon checking out, not everyone follows this practice. It can be easy to walk away with one of these cards and not realize that you kept it until you're home. If you ended up keeping a couple of these cards, they can make valuable additions to your framed piece. Regardless of whether the accommodation was good or bad, seeing the cards in your framed piece will bring up lots of memories.