Three Ways To Make Your Loft Ladder Safe To Use

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Three Ways To Make Your Loft Ladder Safe To Use

15 September 2020
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If you're working with an interior designer who will develop a plan to transform the look of your home, one addition that you might be considering is a loft. Many homeowners find lofts to be valuable additions. This can be a space that can serve many purposes — for example, you might use it as a home office, a children's play space, or even a guest room for overnight visitors. When you're thinking about how the loft will look, you may be planning to use a ladder to provide access to it. Ensuring that your family members can safely use the ladder is important. Here are three ways to make it safe to use.

Include A Railing

While it's possible to hang onto the rungs above you when you climb up or down a ladder that doesn't have any railings, doing so can be challenging. One of the best ways to make a loft ladder safe for everyone to use is to design it to have railings on both sides. Not only will the railings be useful for people to grab as they climb, but they can also keep people from worrying that they might topple off the ladder while using it.

Ensure That The Rungs Offer Grip

There are all sorts of ladder rung designs that you can consider for your loft ladder. While you might primarily be focused on ensuring that the look of the ladder matches the surrounding space, you should ensure that the rungs offer plenty of traction. Bare wood, for example, can be a poor choice — especially when people will often be using the ladder in sock feet. Coating each of the rungs with rubber can offer some grip, while non-slip tape can also be a product to consider.

Keep It Wide

You might be thinking about having your loft ladder narrow so that it doesn't take up too much space in the room. There's value to this idea from a design perspective, but narrow ladders can sometimes be difficult to navigate — especially for people who are larger. It's usually better to choose a wider design. With wider rungs, people will be able to climb the ladder more easily, which will reduce the risk of them stumbling.

Your local interior design professional can design a loft ladder to include each of these ideas, which will help you to feel confident that everyone will be able to use it safely.