4 Reasons Why You Need Honeycomb Window Blinds

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4 Reasons Why You Need Honeycomb Window Blinds

5 August 2021
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If you're looking for a window treatment option that guarantees energy savings, soundproofing, and privacy all year round, honeycomb window blinds are your best bet. These blinds are a hybrid between shades and traditional blinds, and they come with a pocket that enhances their energy-efficient capacity. If you need smart lighting and sound filtering, these blinds provide the peace, privacy, and controlled environment you want inside your home.

Regardless of the window styles and orientation, honeycomb blinds offer a versatile fit on tall or slanting windows you've installed. You need to contact a window installation technician to help you fit these cellular shades for maximum results. The accordion-style design improves energy efficiency and gives your decor a unique appearance.

Here are more benefits of installing honeycomb window blinds.

1. They Offer Better Insulation

Honeycomb blinds come with a cellular form that holds air inside the space between two fabrics. This air acts as a barrier against heat gain and loss. In summer, the blinds resist the entry of hot air into your home. And they stop warm air from escaping in winter. This allows you to tune down your AC system, and the insulation enhances energy consumption. Eventually, you end up saving more on your energy bills monthly.

2. They Offer Dual Opening Functionality

Whether you want to regulate the natural light entering your living quarters or you want to boost privacy in your study room, installing honeycomb blinds gives you control over privacy and lighting. Indeed, the double opening functionality makes them desirable and practical. You can open from the top down to regulate privacy without closing the blind. Equally, you can open in the opposite direction and control light entry. These window treatments are perfect for openings where other shades or window coverings can't fit.

3. They Provide Versatile Shades and Colors

After installing window blinds, especially honeycomb designs, you have the prerogative to pick any color that complements your decor and tastes. If you want a uniform look on all your windows, cellular or honeycomb blinds help you achieve a uniform look. If you're in a commercial building and you want a unique appearance from the outside, you can choose custom honeycomb blinds complete with your brand colors for your outward-facing blinds.

4. Translucent or Blockout Options

If you're installing blinds to keep out light in a sensitive facility, you can pick blind designs with dense light blocking qualities. Also, you can opt for the translucent type that allows light in but blocks the view. Luckily, you can mix light and dark honeycomb blinds in a single application to achieve the desired look in your rooms. If you want the best value for money and stunning ambiance, you must work with an experienced window installer when the time comes to capitalize on these eco-friendly window treatments.

To learn more about window blind options, contact a local window treatment supplier.