Need More Space? 5 Reasons To Organize Rather Than Expand

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Need More Space? 5 Reasons To Organize Rather Than Expand

10 October 2022
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Are you running out of space at home or considering moving to a new place or expanding your current one to make it more comfortable? If so, you may benefit even more from trying another angle before you expand outward. That angle? Better home organization. Here are a few of the many ways it's a better choice than a home addition. 

1. It's Cheaper.

Buying a larger house or paying for a big remodel project will weigh on your budget. And you'll have larger bills afterward on an ongoing basis. But organization is a much more cost-effective approach to solving space issues. It may be a one-time project whose only supplies costs are organization tools. 

2. It's a Good Habit. 

Simply taking the easy route and adding more space whenever you run out of room reinforces the wrong habits. Could you benefit more from learning to organize your space better, make good choices about what to keep, and avoid overspending? These are good habits you'll build for a lifetime. 

3. It's More Efficient.

Continuing to add square footage instead of addressing storage organization issues means you'll walk farther, work harder, and waste time looking for things you need. Instead of increasing the range over which your home life is spread around, make your use of the square footage more functional. 

4. It's Less Chaotic.

Moving houses is considered one of life's major disruptive changes. And remodeling your home creates chaos in your living space — possibly for months. Want to avoid the problems associated with either? Start by seeing if you can improve where you live now. While you'll spend a little time overhauling things at home, it will be a less impactful process than other options. 

5. It's a Real Solution.

Is adding more space to your life when your stuff has outgrown your current space a real solution? While it could solve some problems, a busy family and lifestyle creep could just land you in the same situation again in the future. Draw your line in the sand by developing permanent solutions through better space management and usage. 

Ready to learn if home organization can help you in many more ways than adding on to your home? Want to avoid moving from a property you love? Start by meeting with a professional organizer in your area today. With their expertise and your diligence, you'll soon have a home you love and enjoy once again.