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When I purchased my first home, I knew that I wanted something a little different. Instead of copying my friend's and family members' homes, I decided to invest in interesting, truly unique pieces for my place. I also learned how to do a huge range of DIY projects to make my space truly special. However, I knew that I wanted to share some of these ideas with others, which is why I started this blog. Check out this website to learn all about interesting home decor ideas, so that you can make your home somewhere that other people love to be.


3 Options To Change Your Interior Design With Colorful Tropical Hardwood Flooring

7 March 2016
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There are many different changes that you can do to the interior design of your home. Some of these may involve something simple like reupholstering furniture or changing the window treatments. You may want to try other renovations to your home, such as painting or redoing the floors. If you want to have unique hardwood floors, there are many things you can do with tropical lumber materials. Here are some of the options you may want to consider for custom hardwood floors with tropical woods: Read More …