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My Home: My Design

When I purchased my first home, I knew that I wanted something a little different. Instead of copying my friend's and family members' homes, I decided to invest in interesting, truly unique pieces for my place. I also learned how to do a huge range of DIY projects to make my space truly special. However, I knew that I wanted to share some of these ideas with others, which is why I started this blog. Check out this website to learn all about interesting home decor ideas, so that you can make your home somewhere that other people love to be.


Have A Custom Framer Frame These Items After A Memorable Road Trip

17 December 2019
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There are plenty of ways that you can look back on a memorable road trip weeks, months, and even years after it has concluded. You might occasionally watch video clips that you took during the trip or browse through the photos that you posted to your social media channel at the time, for example. Another option is to frame some photos from the trip and hang them in your home so that you'll see them several times a day. Read More …

Want To Redesign Your Home On A Budget? Hire An Interior Designer To Help

21 March 2019
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When you walk into your house, you may realize that you do not necessarily like how the space looks. However, you may know that this feeling revolves around the furniture and decorations. This may mean that you do not have any interest in selling the home to buy another one. If you are looking to stick to a tight budget but you are still determined to make noticeable changes and improvements throughout your home, you should hire an interior designer for the job. Read More …

Hire An Interior Designer To Help With Designing Your Home On A Budget

12 November 2018
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Although you can use all your existing possessions and make some new purchases to furnish and design your entire home, you may not look forward to the outcome. For instance, your preferred style may not reflect any of your existing possessions and attempting to mix old and new furniture and decorations with different styles can lead to a clashing look all throughout your house. But, you can avoid this problem by hiring an interior designer who can make your home look incredible, even when they must work with a tight budget to meet all your needs. Read More …

Tips For Working With An Interior Designer To Give Your Restaurant A New Look

13 March 2018
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If you want to give your restaurant a makeover, consider bringing in a commercial interior designer to get the best results. You want to create a relaxing atmosphere that makes your customers want to return and that stimulates their appetites. The interior design has a big influence on both. Here are some suggestions for giving your restaurant a new look. Choose Colors Carefully Colors have a huge impact on commercial interior design. Read More …

What Architectural Style Do You Want For Your Next Home?

2 December 2017
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When you decide you would rather build a home than buying one already constructed, the first two questions you will need to answer are where and what. Where do you want to build your home? Do you want lots of acreage in the country, or do you want a traditional lot in a suburb? Maybe you are interested in finding an available lot in the heart of the city and building there. Read More …